A slide gallery

html code:

in your html:
insert the javascript code source in the header:

< script type="text/javascript" src="slidegal.js" > < /script >

To put 3 pictures to the preview line:

< script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" >
galid = new slidegallery("galid", "pic1", "text1", "pic2.jpg", "text2", "pic3.jpg", "text3");
// optional parameters, see below
< /script >

Please mind that the object name (in the example: sliderid) must be given back to the slidegallery function in first place.
You may set the following parameters optionally ( See the effect up in the example ):

window.document.galid.smoothness= 10;   // rise   sink
window.galid.displaytime= 2;   // rise   sink

You can download the javascript source here.

comment it:


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